St Johns on a SUP

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Have been doing some exploring on the paddle boards recently with the boys. These pics were taken from a trip up to the top of St Johns Lake to the ford back in August, setting off an hour before high tide. As I wanted to do it on a spring tide, this meant an early (6.30am) start.

Its about 45 mins easy paddle from launch spot to the ford at St Johns.

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After headlines proclaiming Indian summer weather and temperatures in the 20’s, this weekend has been one of fog, mist and drizzle aka ‘mizzle’ if you live in these parts.

Since last years incident in the fog, I tend to be wary of going out in the water alone in the poor visibility and therefore haven’t managed any water time this weekend.

There was a small window of just over an hour this afternoon when the fog looked like it was burning off, but it soon rolled back in again.

It did make for some spectacular scenes though.

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RIP Ken Norton 1943-2013

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Even though a young Mike Tyson was taking the boxing scene by storm and busy turning the heavyweight division upside down whilst I was still at school, it was still Muhammed Ali that classmates still talked about and tried to emulate. Ali transcended the sport in a way that only true greats do, along with the Barry Sheenes and the George Bests of the same era.

However, it would have been difficult for Ali to have made his legend (whether you believe he was the greatest or not), without proving himself against Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier, George Foreman or Ken Norton. In Ali’s first bout against Ken Norton in San Diego, 1973, Ali suffered a brokenjaw, yet fought on, a bout which led to only his second defeat after his 1971 defeat against Smokin’ Joe Frazier.

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