XBox 83118853 Temp Workaround – It Works!

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My son, like a lot of 11 year old, spends hours playing Minecraft on his XBox 360, whilst collaborating with his friends. This week he has been unable to sign into Live, and I have been trying to resolve it for him. It immediately looks like a glitch on Microsofts end.

The Problem

When he logs into Live on his XBox, he’s presented with a message:

“Before you can sign in here, you’ll need to sign at

Your parent will also need to sign in there so they can give you permission.

code 83118853 “

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“The MOST Effective Way to Generate Leads on LinkedIn ” by Christine Hueber

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While you can generate leads on all of the social media sites, LinkedIn is most likely your #1 choice for business networking and business-to-business marketing.

According to the 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Social Media Examiner, 70% of marketers surveyed are using LinkedIn, and 64% plan to increase their use of the site.

And the top way to generate leads on LinkedIn is to use your own content.

Why is your content the most effective way to generate leads on LinkedIn?

Quite simply, because your content positions YOU as an expert in your field, as a thought leader and draws your audience to you.

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Written by stevenba. Posted in Technology

I was cleaning up some old files this morning and came across some information and grades from my time at University. The course content stands up well, even today and I’m proud that there’s a few grades in the 80%’s & 90%’s.

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