WindSurf Plymouth Session 23rd Aug 2014

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The WSP club runs on a rota with volunteers running sessions. It was my turn to run the session and safety boat today out of Torpoint Mosquitos Sailing Club.

Everyone was sailing well today with good technique. Conditions were a bit flukey in x-off winds, but Andreas was occasionally planing on a 6.5. The only rescue required today was a non-club windsurfer in trouble who launched from normal spot and had a spot of bother with UJ failure (not pleasant in offshore).

Dormant Social Media Accounts May Be Extremely Detrimental To Your Brand

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For example, if you have stopped posting updates 8 months ago, your potential clients may ask:

  • Does the company still exist?
  • Is the store still there?
  • Do you still have a website?
  • So you still stock the products?

Social media posts and updates can be planned out at the beginning of the week or even the month and scheduled using 3rd party tools such as Hootsuite.

Talk To Steve

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Over the next two weeks I am going to commit the few free days I have available to talking to you.

We can talk about how you can attract more clients. This can be about:

  • Your website and how it could convert more leads with some simple modifications
  • Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social network campaigns
  • Google AdWords or other Pay Per Click Advertising and is it right for you
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • CRM and the sales process

You can book a complimentary, half-hour call with me. The purpose of this call is to learn about your business and to see if I can offer you some free help and advice.