Awesome Autumn

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Third full power weekend in the row, still wearing my summer suit – Autumn is starting to be my favourite time of year.

Windy Weekend

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A great forecast held up down here in Cornwall with better than forecast blessing us with mild temperatures and sunshine.

Due to family commitments, i had no option but to stay local, sailing at St Johns.

The New (Old) Tele

Written by stevenba. Posted in Music

Fender Tele

My recently acquired Fender USA telecaster – probably best one I’ve played. Beat up but sounds rich, cleans up nicely with volume pot and plays great.

I had just got rid of my owned from new USA Tele a couple of months back, which to be honest I never got on well with, even after swapping the pickups out several times. I’ve always preferred old guitars with a bit of character and this one fits that bill perfectly.