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What is it you do again, Sir?

Written by stevenba. Posted in Technology

If you’re wondering “what is it you do?”, please view the below graphic.

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New Google Android to be called KitKat

Written by stevenba. Posted in Digital Marketing, Technology

In a surprise move , Google has named the latest release of its mobile operating system (version 4.4) after the popular chocolate bar produced by Nestle. The Android OS powers over 1 billion smartphones and tablets is to be called KitKat after a previous releases were given names such as ‘donut’, ‘cupcake’ and ‘ice cream sandwich’.

According to John Lagerling, director of Android global partnerships, it was not a ‘money-changing-hands kind of deal’. Instead, the idea was borne out of the preferred late night snack of software developers. John Lagerling subsequently made a call to the UK headquarters and within 24 hours, the deal was agreed.

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