Steve Baker is a software engineer, digital marketing specialist, website designer and founder of Crescent Digital Ltd of Cornwall. Steve’s passion is helping  businesses understand how to take control and maximize every aspect of their online marketing strategy.

Steve Baker graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2001, having specialised in business computing systems and the subsequent roles undertaken have seen Steve operate between the role of the IT worker and the director of marketing and communications (and everywhere in between).

  • Steve demonstrates accountability to your business.
  • Makes IT a direct cost (i.e. contributing to sales) instead of indirect cost (something you have to have but doesn’t directly increase turnover).


  • WordPress Web Development
  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Website Optimisation

  • Digital Communications

  • Software Engineering


“Using his WordPress expertise, Steve has helped me set up and maintain a site for my Racing. This has allowed me to expand my digital promotions and aided me in securing further sponsors.”

Aaron Morgan, Aaron Morgan Racing

“I have worked with Steve Baker for nearly 7 years, his passion for all aspects of IT, software design and website development have helped us expand as a business. Over the years I have worked with many IT professionals, none of which have had the vision, skill-set & attention to detail that Steve possess. As a Sales Team, we are lucky enough to think of new ideas at the Monday morning sales meeting, and have them implemented (via Steve) the very same day.

In a nutshell, Steve’s overall IT knowledge-base coupled with his in-depth web design and software development skills ensure we keep moving forward as a company.”

Daniel Carter, BaKare Beds Ltd


In 2001, Steve was the first person in the history of BSc Computing Course of the University of Plymouth to graduate with average grades exceeding 70%.

Subjects included:
• Software Engineering
• Business systems analysis and design
• Accounting
• International business
• OO (object oriented development)
• Java
• Network adminstration
• Database administration

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