Studio Sessions

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We took the new band into the studio a couple of weeks ago to cut some demos. Studio time was a limited factor so all of our backing was laid down in one or two takes.

The band’s starting to take shape and we’re really pleased with the results and just need to get out there gigging to tighten it up.


Song:  Lady M.

Song:  Good Times

Song:  Higher  

The New (Old) Tele

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Fender Tele

My recently acquired Fender USA telecaster – probably best one I’ve played. Beat up but sounds rich, cleans up nicely with volume pot and plays great.

I had just got rid of my owned from new USA Tele a couple of months back, which to be honest I never got on well with, even after swapping the pickups out several times. I’ve always preferred old guitars with a bit of character and this one fits that bill perfectly.