WindSurf Plymouth Session 23rd Aug 2014

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The WSP club runs on a rota with volunteers running sessions. It was my turn to run the session and safety boat today out of Torpoint Mosquitos Sailing Club.

Everyone was sailing well today with good technique. Conditions were a bit flukey in x-off winds, but Andreas was occasionally planing on a 6.5. The only rescue required today was a non-club windsurfer in trouble who launched from normal spot and had a spot of bother with UJ failure (not pleasant in offshore).

South Coast Surf

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Its been so windy the last few weeks, I haven’t had time to think about surf during the brief periods of calm. After several really good days of windsurfing, Boxing Day’s dawn patrol was rewarded with some nice head high sets at a local reef break.

Daymer Bay 27-12-13

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Early start for todays session at Daymer. Most were out on 3.7 / 4.2s. Things got pretty full-on the in the squalls. The pictures and video seem to shrink the waves pushing through from the huge 21ft / 14 sec swell which maxed out nearby Polzeath.