Fender ’59 Reissue Bassman

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Below is a post about a classic guitar amplifier which I owned several years ago.

60W, no channel switching, no effects, tweed covered, 4×10″ alnico blue speakers, made to replicate the old ‘uns. Internally, PCB mounted components, but I’m sure if Leo Fender were still alive, he would approve PCBs for mass production.

Tacoma Chief Acoustic Guitar Review

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OK, its such a rootsy instrument, I thought I’d write about it …

USA made, cedar top acoustic guitar with offset soundhole. Couldn’t tell you how much they’re worth, as I had this given to me 2nd hand some years back as a gift.

Never had a case and has had a hard life. Has an untreated cedar top which does mark easier than lacquered finished. I don’t think it affects the sound in a negative way – in fact it may even open up the sound more.

Action wise, the Chief plays well and has a relatively slim neck and isnt too much of a handful. Fretwork is great and doesn’t buzz or choke out anywhere and is comparable with other quality US made guitars, such as Gibsons.

There are 2 things which sets this guitar apart and makes it a real favourite of mine:

  • The sound. Maybe it’s the unfinished top, but the Chief has a real woody, boxy & bluesy sound to it. It compliments my punchy percussive / attacking style perfectly yet is subtle at the same time.
  • Stability of tuning. I still havent got a case for it, but I throw in the car, and take out and gig it and it still stays in tune. Intonation is excellent also.

For the reasons above, I highly recommend the Tacoma Chief for both live and studio work.

If anyone has any suggestions for adding an effective pickup to it, please let me know.

Please see my video demo of the Tacoma Chief Below: