Stinkin’ Wetsuits

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Like many surfing dads, I try to encourage my kids to share the stoke.

At the last count, this is how much neoprene I had strewn between my van, my garage and my carefully crafted wetsuit hanger in the garden:

  • 1 x Shortie wetsuit
  • 1 x Full length summer wetsuit
  • 2 x Winter steamers
  • 2 x kids full length summer suits
  • 1 x neoprene vest
  • 3 x rashies
  • 4 x pairs of kids wetsuit boots
  • 3 x pairs adults wetsuit shoes
  • 2 x pair adults wetsuit boots
  • 2 x pairs adults neoprene gloves

I will disclose we all windsurf and do the occasional kit of dinghy sailing as well, but that’s a lot of stinky neoprene lying around at any one time, particularly when I have old boots & rashies stinking my van out – not nice when taking the wife and in-laws out on warm days.

I do rinse my wetsuits with a hose (when I can), and always fresh rinse my boots, but they still smell of old socks when over anyone else climbs into my van or enters my garage (I must be immune to it).

That’s why I’m interested in a new ‘Wetsuit Wash’ product which has just been released. In addition, it claims to condition the neoprene which I’d certainly be interested in having recently purchased my O’Neill Pyrotech for the Winter months.

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