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Studio Sessions

Written by stevenba. Posted in Music

We took the new band into the studio a couple of weeks ago to cut some demos. Studio time was a limited factor so all of our backing was laid down in one or two takes.

The band’s starting to take shape and we’re really pleased with the results and just need to get out there gigging to tighten it up.


Song:  Lady M.

Song:  Good Times

Song:  Higher  


Written by stevenba. Posted in Music

I was recovering some files from an old external HDD this week and came across a load of images and videos of a band I played with.

DMN (or Dirty Maple Neck) were a Plymouth based, hard rockin’, but ultimately short lived band I played in for 6 months. The band had real energy and great potential but slid towards the trap of becoming over-rehearsed before seeing the light of day.

Here is a short clip of us covering ‘Black Dog’ by Led Zeppelin – not an easy song to cover hence why you very rarely see semi-pro bands playing it.