XBox 83118853 Temp Workaround – It Works!

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My son, like a lot of 11 year old, spends hours playing Minecraft on his XBox 360, whilst collaborating with his friends. This week he has been unable to sign into Live, and I have been trying to resolve it for him. It immediately looks like a glitch on Microsofts end.

The Problem

When he logs into Live on his XBox, he’s presented with a message:

“Before you can sign in here, you’ll need to sign at

Your parent will also need to sign in there so they can give you permission.

code 83118853 “

Code 83118853 is the error code. I follow instructions and log into using my sons credentials and receive the message:

“You need a parent’s permission

Before you can sign in to this Microsoft account and use it with Microsoft websites and services, you need a parent’s permission. If your parent is available now, ask them to sign in to this PC.”

I click ‘have a parent sign in’ and get:

“We were unable to sign you in

Your account is missing a full name or date of birth. Visit to update the required information, then try again.”

So I try again, my sons tries to log in on his Xbox again and so it goes on. I called Microsoft. They are aware of this problem and advise me of their status page:


20/12/2013 23:31:24 GMT:

[sociallocker id=”1274″]Are you having issues signing into a child account? Our team is actively engaged and investigating this issue. In the meantime, try visiting, which will provide you with the contact information to help you with a temporary work around for the issue. Thanks for all your patience. We will update you as soon we have more information.


They aware of an ongoing problem since last weeks update but haven’t fixed yet. They logged my call and will advise when a solution is found.

The Solution

The workaround involves not having Xbox Live save your password.

When you try and log onto Live and it comes up with the account address and password, log in as normal until you get to the ‘Save Password’ screen. Do not select  save the password and click OK. When the error Code 83118853 appears  press the silver X button and you will go back to your dashboard and you should then be signed into Xbox Live. You may need to do this a couple of times, but this has temporarily allowed my son to log in and carry on playing Minecraft with his friends on-line .

Compensation / Credit

I mentioned to Microsoft’s support that it was unacceptable to pay for a months service and have 4 days of no service available. The immediate reply was to refer me to their Ts & Cs where it states: “Microsoft provides the service. In the case of any disruption, we try to resolve asap … we offer no compensation for disruption to service. “

Needless to say, I had a heated discussion regarding goodwill here in the UK, not to mention the bad PR from thousands of angry users. We shall see.


Please advise whether this works for you. Thanks. [/sociallocker]

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